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In ancient times, one of the ways that those who were Tru to the Norse Gods showed their faith was to wear a Thor's hammer pendant. The amulet is a smaller version of Thor's hammer, which is named Mjollnir. Archaeological excavations throughout Scandanavia and parts of Europe have unearthed Thor's hammer pendants made from silver and other metals. Thor's hammer pendants carved from amber have also been found in gravesites. Today a Thor's hammer pendant is still worn by Scandinavians who are proud of their culture and their mythology. Thor's hammer pendants are also worn as a symbol of Asatru or Heathen spirituality. Others wear a Thor's hammer pendant as a powerful protective amulet.

Many of our Thor's Hammer styles lend themselves to having a rune or bindrune carved onto the surface of the Thor's Hammer pendant, additional charges may apply. You can rest assured that any runes carved onto your Thor's Hammer will be done correctly, not upside down or backwards! Please look here for examples of how our Elder Futhark runes are carved and here for examples of runes from other Futharks.

Below are links to pages with Thor's hammer pendants and earrings in silver, gold, amber. For a few more designs ideas and a picture of a jet Thor's hammer pendant, take a look at the custom work page. All Thor's Hammer Pendants, earrings, and other jewelry from The Thorr's Hammer Site are solid pieces, not hollow. Most silver Thor's Hammer designs on this site can be made in 10K, 14K, or 18K Gold, and pretty much any gemstone is available. If you dont see the design in gold that you have in mind please send an email to inquire about a custom design. Please note that everything on this site is handmade and if the item you want is not listed as "in stock" it can take 10-21 days to create.

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